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What he did was wrong guys,but it saved their whole marriage! He shouldn’t have done what he did,yea. It doesn’t make him an animal though....he didn’t do it behind his wife’s back like other people do(not just boys girls cheat too)..the wife probably knew their marriage was not working right then so she let him do it. He’s not an animal whatsoever....he was just in a bad place of his life with his wife! Now,this is my opinion and all so please don’t start attacking! Also,ya girls need to stop acting like men are dogs and we don’t do anything wrong. A lot of girls do wrong it’s just never out there like A boy doing it🙄 anyway as I said this is my opinion so please don’t attack me😊😂😂(oh and btw I am a girl)


someone called me ugly on social media today i'm trying my best to not get affected by her words but it's tough.

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Your cool 👍

I think

Brady Zeller


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I just don't want to do what Coby did!


great ! man

Cilan Steele

Вова Алексеев

Пойду подрочу хули)

yer das got skids in his knicks

I don't get the 1st amazing world of gumball


why are all these reactors exaggerating their reactions when they saw the GOT ending? They should have expected this kind of ending ever since. The writers are always throwing a curveball.

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played music

Clarfan 13


AJ The RPG gamer

Having your own children looks like a blessing

youwillbeimpressed 6

You see where the darts are before they start in the intros

Re Reh my husband

She's blaming everyone for what happens to her

Can't eat pork, chicken, egg, and drink milk :<

*Tanner puts some shorts ON his JEANS*

Oh Yeah Yeah

Stickmen came to life!

Jane Mullins

february 2018?

Deimos 935

gr8 vid m8 i r8  8/8 m8

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What is the song in the monitor room? and i know its not Darude Sandstorm!


Guys what's better his vid or @Disney 's vid?

جوجو7اصعسع الشهري

إلي عربي وسعودي لايك تكفون


3:34 Me when I get clothes for Christmas

priscilla jung


Silly mobile phone jokes


which ones longer: Cowboy stadium, reliant stadium, cross tower or this one?

Yules Withehead


BlueBerry Bee

y is no one talking about how in both videos they just bullied the fuck out of ethan