VR 180 at the 2017 Streamys!

Here's my first VR 180 video shot at the 2017 Streamy Awards. Pick up your VR glasses and enjoy!

Sebastian Ortega R



Gacha Dork

What? I dont get it. I haven't watched it yet soooooo..........

Reshma Parveen



Guys I have been through some nasty moments in my life but now I am thankful for them because I discovered myself and I truly connected with my loved ones

Shellie Brooks

Steph Curry

Varsha Mhatre


Padraig Murphy

Honestly if anyone should have gotten booed last night it should have been Big Dan. The guy had two major fights and let a punch after the bell go with a warning (I'm not saying end the fight because it wasn't a Paul Daley type thing, but at least dock some points) and let another guy continue to choke a guy out after the bell. Big Dan had a shitty night lol.

clarke yap

I love all your videos guys!!! Keep it up!


The vid are so awsome

witherking killer


joey gabriel

If u do it in parts is it a top 10 or a top x :thunking:

Trash Doctor

Tbh I want a boat battle part two

the phantom dxer

Okay if you're going through a bad situation how can you learn to trust other people.


Now I have nightmares from the Serious Sam 3 easter egg.

BTS Lover

What’s next? My mom is my real mom?

Game not fame


Bardownhky 5121

Hockey stereotype


Great video man, I love the way you set it up!

Ash Key

Idk how, but everything in this video is exactly what's been happening to me, all of those symptoms sound like exactly what I've been going through, does that mean I could have bpd?

0 perfect scores

Athletic Gamer Fan 5,000

curb your enthusiasm

Codas Bloodwing

RvB....oh jeez

Young Jesus

I downloaded the game yesterday and tried it out and i really liked it

Ali M

Song Name PlZzz

Big Chungus

1:40 I was click-baited he shots that.

Step2: Ctrl and F

Fortnite Guy

Your 10 years old and dont know what money is Lol

Matteo Petrosillo

sorry try, but you rocket explosion was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juan Zavala

Where can I buy this in Vinyl

Crawf 19

Dude perfect v pepper pig