animated clay chess game

a stop motion animatet chess movie clay


They just don't call cross bow ty at all

Ninja Boy

Coby’s new name should be chicken legs cause He never win a game

AKA Wero

oh no

Sidomar Jimale

He’s fine

Keito Coyle

3:53 That's not even subtle...

Mr Karolasty

This game is Polish, I come from Polish XD

Jodi Ho

I made better real ✈️

Means unattractive woman are BEAUTIFUL..

E-cid #Elishacreeperparker Ecp

5:33 when people watch u when u are using the bathroom

babo كلاش

Me arbk ie lelvo

NoName 711

This is so confusing what does this even mean


gta4s story was good

Ivory The Bashful

Hey Michael! Don’t worry. I don’t like cloud either! :)

Me: ummm.... I don’t think that’s right, you said they used to beat you and lock you in the dark. Like yeah right that’s totally what normal families do. 😒😒😒

alex a

want full credit for Kawhi if he shuts down Kevin Durant in Game 5, who has been out with a calf injury for a month and is suddenly playing finals minutes.

EliteFu Stored

I said that the cost of these is 360 $

taco cat

I think you need to see a doctor about that 😬



I'll immediately subscribe your channel

Eline Trick Shots

I like the song in the backround

Joesph WorstCarEver

I am so confused.

butt master

The Ice Cream truck Easter Egg seems to be a reference to the movie 'The Iceman" about mob hitman Richard Kuklinski. In the movie there's another hitman employed by the mafia who uses an Ice Cream Man business as  his front for illegal activity. At two different points in the movie he makes his intention clear to run down, first, a fleeing girl with his truck and then later in the movie he runs down Kuklinski's own daughter in his truck.

Hans Curry

lets make a ritual😄 to vodoo.the raptors😄 so that they will.lose on game 6 and 7😄😄 joke


“Ya Can’t Rush Art”

Itz Shadowgirl

7:25 you mean Florida Christmas? At least Texas still gets snow

Johanboy Profeta

Wheel unfortunate is my favorites segment

*The M&M Show*

One like= One Punch For The Bratty Girl

Ryan Moore

hey guys, just got to say, you guys are in my top 3 favorite channels. u guys just keep making videos and we'll keep liking them. also, my friend and i have been huge fans ever sense we first watched you guys all that time ago. and, dude perfect, if u read this, if this comment has 1,000 likes,please make sure u just keep making great videos for years to come. go dude perfect!

Saqib Mustafa

Any one on 2019 May when Spinner is forgotten in our world


I thought that the step mum was actually her REAL mum


Lab Rat itself is a Portal cartoon

NetNobody vs KSI

Izz Iqbal

Aw damn, I was really waiting for the Darkest Dungeon's ancestor quest nod.

Ania Claudia 03

But in Heaven you will not have any pain and walk much better than everybody else This is promise from God He loves so much

Stacey S.

Marbles in slow motion modelling his outfits is truly the best Asmr out there 😌