El Incidente (The Happening) - Trailer español

Trailer doblado al castellano de "The Happening", el nuevo thriller del exitoso director M. Night Shyamalan, protagonizada por Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo entre otros.© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

(They rhymed heh😂😐)

Aryan Shah

mike vick

GameShow - Apex Moments

Random tip/trick: If you put your weapon away, you can climb higher up a wall 👍

Melon man

The game is so big, i feel there is so much more! would even try to explore it all?


I got here by looking up "I lost the baby btw"

Harsha honey

😂Is that a dream!?..

Hailboo Hauer

The old man always made me so happy idk why😭💕💕

Mr Insane

It's never sunny in the YouTube comment section.

Denise Moses

1 like one prayer

Mayur Goswami

This is the life :')

Subaru WRX STI

This is a reminder for everyone of the 9/11

Gacha Cat

I love ur vids

A Aa


MiaRocha TheGachaLifeFan

I’m on a diet now.

Κατερίνα Ασλάνογλου

They are perfect!!💙💙🌎🌎

Baylie Baladad

I read a book about this! She was the only survivor out of 91 people including the pilots and she was on the LANSA 508 flight. That plane was the last LANSA plane. So soon after this incodent they shut down.


한국인이 아무도 없네...

Dennis Bidwell

You are boring

Mrduck 651

What if that chick had a knife or a gun he does not know I carry I knife and I’m a dude I would of stabbed him

Ba Ki

Kim jong un likes cody


Looks like Cody tearned into TSM_Myth in this challenge

NooReeK DooYseN

Who is watcing in 2019?☺

Christopher Moore

Well this game is a giant easter egg

Deez Nutz Incorporate

1:06 I bet he trying so hard not to laugh

John Doe

Lol it's funny because you guys got 9/11ed too

Brody T

I love kanakuk

Thanawan Thanawan


Mark Wagstaff

So coolllĺlllllllllllll


Whare is this. Like what city or state is this store in

That Drone Guy Lumpy

My birthday is on March 24th too, WOW!!!

Matthew Lee

I’m surprised Cody can’t dunk without a trampoline

Michelle Eckhardt

1 ...panda2...gar 3...ty

That sounds wrong

Juan Mikel

The office has so many ASMR moments (the chills, Michael’s anti stress talk, etc), this wasn’t a good one


He has kekei genkai


whos under the panda custom? someone know 2016? :D

Grace Kim

I’m sorry but...what will she do when her dog dies?

Willychilly2 The great

You forgot swimming

Rio san


Arnav Andhare


Kuba Szczepan

Card can't cut human skin :/

I wont forget the abuse to soon but we started being a family again and im happy about that😥😀😉😁😍🤗🤤😪😣😃😸