Montreal Chessbrahs VS Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers | Week 1 PRO Chess League Highlights

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Young X2

I only wear adidas so it’s nice to see how they made it lol 😝

lukas kvist


Evan Lord

Is this only on ps4?


watching this now makes me think that the claptrap may had refered to the zombie dlc pack that came out

Sherko Shamsadin

can you do buried easter egg with one friend


I distrust this after the creator of adidas was in a video “in person”

Tobias Mckenzie

A day and 3 hours for the baby to come out


Dog sex..... Quality



Were is part 3

Eobard Thawne

I'm the rage monster,sir bets a lot,and mr excuses

Lil Shaq

How about they don't use trampolines

Fortnite Gamer

This is probably the most dissapointing video I've ever seen from dp

Ryan Brennan

At least you warned us about jump scare, you da real mvp

anil john


Dawn Horne

The cowboys

- Spectre: He made out a villain's widow in a day where he died and she's still wears of funeral dress. In a forceful way. Nasty Bond.


진짜 남자가 다 됐네......

Bravo 👏👏👏

Victor Nillas

you have a Deadpool figure I'm watching Deadpool 2 on

Dax Farris

I love Drew Bree’s number 9

Simmi Chorera

Done ✅ ♥️

Thomas Byrne

Jason wasn't in ruptide he said it's similar to the Jason easteregg in the first one


duh more u know...

Vito De La Paz


Samuel Anneken

Of course they believe only Michael if they make on the first tyr

he passed away from cocaine and vodka but he purposely done it. he was telling us sorry the night before. I’m only 11. I wish I could’ve done something to help.

At this point I would be dead


The last ones land a creepy (^_^)

Magniko Mabl

4:06 im laugh 1 hour!!!!!!😂😂😂😂🙂😍