So is eating chicken or fish everyday okay? Or should I stop that...

jas patel

Cobby wins

Aaron Junk Hanson

The bounty hunter was going to the bounty person


Face cam

Vincent Whitaker


Nehha Nehha

Don't click read more


Great, now I can't watch your videos without being paranoid that John Cena will be on a milk carton in the background.

Becky Goguen


platinum dong

wait bob santagato... like joe santagato the youtubers brother that he has had in his videos!?!?!?!?!

Elsid De Guzman

Another streotypes shoppping stereo. Or movie marathon stereo ..or anything that u can do..

Philip The Darkness March

There was another trophy there given for WORLD NOT ENDING 2012 hahahahaha.

JUNIN 012ok

Chris é fooooooda🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Gacha rose Life

wait This story was already been told on another story thing they stooled this story


Bshnjwnj Jskakd d

3:09 of is when he starts singing. Ur welcome

ADEL C T8833

Can you guys make videos on famous people and famous scientists. Like the video you made on the adidas brand. This type of videos really inspires me a lot!!!!!


Dam Ronda ,😉

Just Javiel

Wow I guessed right



Maybe I'm too young to watch this..But i'm only 11 years old And My Mom Also My Grandparents Died this year

Tyson Ramsey

Don't dislike this vid


My last video got to 300 Likes! The most this channel has ever got. I really hope that we could get atleast 100 this time. You guys have supported this channel too much lately, really appreciate it. ♥

Anurag Shobhan

They should join the Olympics


LOL troll face


01:45 i found this easter egg once all by my self then someone shot me through the other side :D

Cric Tips


Kinsey Guinn



I know he's on the Texans but the best team

Starbucks? Coffee

Travis Curran

"Coby you can do it!"

Kayen Lucille Serrano


Ady N

lol finally Jay Williams shows up to Max Kellerman😂😂

me: wait..


COD Nazi Zombie..... Good maps, Good characters, Good storie, Good dialogue, Hours of fun, Too bas i didn't have half of the DLC...


And now we wait

Theresa Jones

Codyes new name should be chicken wing. Just Imagine "chicken wing you are the winner of arrow kart challenge

Веселин Пенев

cant she just make her FB, IG account's contest be visible only by friends and no one else?

Mavi Kartal

I haven't understood roco and justice leage. What's wrong with them

Co powiedziałbym dziewczynie, którą chowa się we mnie od trzydzieści lat? Powiedziałbym jej: „Przepraszam, przepraszam, ale nie mogę cię urzeczywistnić. Przepraszam, że chowałem cię tak długo. Nie mogę nawet opisać tego, jak kocham bycie tobą." „Ale naprawdę nie mogę przywrócić cię do życia, nawet jeśli nie chciałbym niczego więcej, niż, żeby świat cię zobaczył." „Przepraszam, że nie jestem wystarczająco odważny. Ale wciąż - dziękuję ci. Za to, że jesteś z mną, głeboko w moim sercu i zawsze tam zostaniesz. Przysięgam, że zobaczymy się jeszcze..."

Roy Huff

Nearly dude

Dmitri Clovech

@icanbe231000 yeah dont u

Sam Crawford

Great vid disputed not specifying where in Africa as it is a continent, but overall heart warming stuff. They really looked like they cared. Love these guys.

Daniel Ilibman

OMG Molly please stop!


5:02 why his head way bigger than hers? Lol

Farooq Ahmed

Whoa, 115 degrees!

Anime Nerd

I saved my brother from being born

VinnieVinn Kastberg

I'm definetely pre-ordering this game 10 months in advance just because of Keanu fucking Reeves!

What's even worse, is that I've been called emo a lot now by my 'friends'. They keep taunting me to go "kill myself".


and gyroscopic forces and the way a normal humans wrist flicks at release causes the ball to actually curve... camera angle had no part, the ball DID curve

Turbo Tube

who is watching during march 2019?

Cmhockey 16

Panda always