CHESS Trick/trap for white in Beyer gambit to win game fast

kindly support through small contributionsbhim/upi -7000660306@upiGood chess puzzles and strategy books-amazing chess board instagram @chambaliyaainstagram @chambaliyaa

Taylor Green

Tall man

Girl: "Your son is moving out to live with me because we are getting married"

Grayson Bruss

Cory's throws were horrible. ( when you told me to pause vid. and comment how bad it would be)

Ricky Moreno

I think the ball broke his p####

Tee Lajan

Got Dayumm 2k for just 3 pair of shoes 🤔 that’s crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️

Just wanted to play and watch the television for my favorite cartoons and loved everything that was simple and valued it so much

Kata Markotić

Forrest Gump vs Usain Bolt

Ball Is Life, So is School

Great video I learned a lot but one u should have included is cod black ops 2 zombies origins lost little girl easter egg there are also many more easter eggs in origins.

Llama Kween

People: didn’t everyone already know this?

daniel gwizo

Ty should go f himself let Cody win

Corey Liddil

That birthday moment is one of the greatest on the internet 😂


"Beat me If you Dare" was a better title.

Chanakan Krayenhagen

it was my birth day and the birthday song remix happened

Aashita’s World

Why did ya wanna go on a diet?

Xander Mc near

17 bounce'a

- Eliav -

the music in the first one is from call of duty black ops 2 zombies


For the last one you typed creepers with spawn isn't suppose to be creepers will spawn?

Toy Studios

1 like 1 person how likes panda

Dario Zuban

why didn't they put the noob instead of the Medic or the Engineer in

Enownfor Manyi-oben


Matthew Stone

"I didn't think that was possible, my neck was hurting, not my throat!"

Stephanie Chapa

I was born 3 months early my birthday is on May 23rd .When I was born I was 2lbs 14ounces

Jacobo Vazquez

You truly are... The King of Easter Eggs!!

Erik Redd


curupira is one monster of childrens historys here in brasil.

1:17 CRASH! Through the mirror! Explain #whothedaddy



EA Star Wars

Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.


Great idea for coming up with this! I would have never thought of this!!!

Builderman : Ride's here

Stella Madsen

An iphone?! I never asked for a phone and I only got a android

jake wade

How many times do you guys have to do a stunt before you get it right? I can't even imagine how much blooper footage you must have

Abul Hossain


Paper says A- I think it might be his accent, but he sounds like a 5 year old :) But in a good way ☺️ so adorable

This was never edited

Fizzy Tea

Did I take a wrong turn and fall into a romance manga?

Also girl : "Gets abused and locked up in a dark room"


Ricky should do either celebration when we finally wins

j. wick

Ren and stempy log skit is better then these

Kim Chaemin

Somebody IN THE COMMENTS JUST FOUS THEY WERE PREGOSSSS CONGRATS But sadly I’m just 14 so I can’t have a baby

viktoria chan

This bought me to tears

Hashem Alturk


marcus johnson

let's see the panda face nice vids

ryan tanner

is she even human?! that was spectacular

Ebu jr

The way Cody was holding his balls

Makayla Sejkora

What a shocking ending!

a prostitute


I wonder if anyone actually read "The Snow Queen/Ice Queen" and recall that Greta traveled throughout the four seasons to rescue her friend who was blinded/hypnotized by a magic mirror shard... Hmmm

A.I. Privilege

Why is this trending?

Smita Lambe

Wow see 🐼 panda


Real love surpasses all understanding.

 5) If it says anything other than that, be wary.  Seriously, brace yourself because it's probably some other scary shit or the grossest most fucked up kind of porn imaginable.  

Gavin Hebert

Let's go Oakland

Jahleel Perry

I guessedfaster than Coryon 1,2,and 3

Afshan n91119 ú