King's Indian Attack against Caro-Kann 👊 [Part 3/3] with GM Damian Lemos

Are you ready to learn more about flexible opening systems for White? 🤔 Take advantage of this offer and get a special discount on Easy Way to Learn The King's Indian Attack by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (2550) ►King's Indian Attack against Caro-KannYou're looking for an universal opening system with White which saves you a lot of time to learn theoretical lines and can be used against various of Black's setups? Then it might be interesting for you to play the King's Indian Attack. The good news is that GM Damian Lemos is a competent expert in this opening.He already examined structures against openings like the Sicilian, the French or the Pirc Defense. In this video, he analyses a hugely instructive game in the King's Indian Attack featuring a strong setup for White against the Caro-Kann.Continue reading ►Come checkout the shop, we have the world’s largest collection of chess videos and chess courses: Other Videos from iChess**********► Subscribe to our main Youtube Channel: Check out award winning Master Method video series: our most recent video: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: ***********Facebook: Our Other YouTube Channels ***********iChess Ch 2: en español:


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