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Koko Mmc

Dittos have transformed into humans before on a side quest of pokemon ultra sun/moon

Husayn 14

You can be a batter artist

David Mathes

I've seen almost every battle and this is the only one with no trophy...?A golden shark tooth mounted in top of of a statue made of golden sea shells and small surfboards would've been legit...Maybe Ty's trophy room is just too full😂

thomas LIAN




XxxSmart NoobxxX

I wanna cry in rage monster

Daniel Alex

Rest in peace: Old Guy. He will be forever remembered in the DP family. 👇- Pay respects here

Fortnite Fun

Do a video with Nick Foles

Carlos Eduardo Vieira

The Cel shading of the pokémons are amazing but the everything else looks like garbage! Gamefreak should try to optimize their graphics, i know Nintendo consoles are super weak in hardware like when pokémon X and Y was released people were saying that the game was more powerful than the 3ds! The 3ds was frying when trying to run pokémon X and Y with lots of limitation on the 3d and serrated.

Ari Le Goat

I saw this and my heart stopped

James Joy

so apparently to Max "Livin on a Prayer" is by Journey and not Jon Bon Jovi Lololol <3

Que no quieres seguir

Evan Blake

I felt bad because I got my phone when I was 11, and most of my friends had them when they were 7...


Why did you use a clip from the new "IT" movie?

there's a reference to the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, when Matt and Emily are walking in the woods and they see [SPOILERS FOR THE NOVEL] the head of a pig with flies flying around it.


Your channel is minutes and minutes of fun watching all this easter eggs videos, i hope you get more subs and get more love from us because bro, you deserve to have a big channel <3

Dwight Smith

best football player ever

Morgys top

Сколько здесь русских💪

“Storm Breaker”

AhmadZakuan Productions

Now can you throw the ball to the sun? Because you guys are awesome! Why didn't you guys join NFL team and name it dude perfect.

gacha kitten

God don't hate gay people it is oh ok am a girl but its oh ok but why do people gay people i hate people like that

Kermit the frog


HockeyDude Josh11

5:56 it wasn’t his ball that hit the screen it was his club first, and his club was higher then the ball hit and the club also hit the screen harderTherefore Cory should have been disqualified

Vijayalakshmi Kuppam

U are awesome try marvel

Andrew Mouser

Anyone in 2019

Sil3ntSlay3r 69

get dunked in liquid a**

Kaden Owens

How does he not know what you’ll shoot your eye out means



Why did they bleep the s in spam

Mamta Singh

Why dislike?

Alex Yin

4:36 somewhere there u can c the guy behind panda 🐼

She shouldn’t have taken it

GamingStaRz Chaîne

Please : Easter eggs in Bully Scholarship

AutisticLizard 69

who is in the panda suit

Bonita Barton