Fischer fulmina a Larsen | Ajedrez

Posición inicial: Blancas: Ta1, Ac1, Dd1, Tf1, Rg1, Ae2, Cf3; peones en a4, c2, c3, d4, e5, f2, g2 y h2.Negras:Ta8, Re8, Th8, Dc7, Ad7, Ce7, Cc6; peones en a7, b7, c4, d5, e6, f7, g7 y h7.En esta partida, la primera del duelo entre el estadounidense y el danés en los cuartos de final del Torneo de Candidatos de 1971, el futuro campeón se lanzó a la yugular de Larsen en la apertura, con una presión insoportable que le dio la partida. Fischer se impondría finalmente en la eliminatoria por 6-0.Suscríbete al canal de EL PAÍS: vídeos de Ajedrez: vídeos de EL PAÍS:

Mohammed Rawdog

I love being a drug addict

J Khan

There is no way they can top this video! I love them


Rage Monster Never Gets Old, Same with video

clarezelle christy1989


Christ chris

thanks for the music, i was watching this video in the dark

plane crashes into the pacific due to the weight of a hippo on board

Kimmi Silva

Omg yes volaba with nikki

Dennis W

He nailed it. Very well done, Mr Corden!!!

Hey How R Ya!!

midnoodles doodles


Stacie Roznovsky

I love you Cory. And coby

Ryan Mathis

Any one here “hit that like” at 3:00


I got so much candy


Try the Statue of Liberty

Pls more easter egg :)

Im_Daniell TV

911 2?

Rebekah Carter

Why underwear



Graeme Murray

At 3:00 why is there a gallon of milk on the candy shelf

Kodog 7

I think they broke their door when they did the RC ramp throw

Ascent To Zenith

The Destiny one blows me away. That is really cool how they put that seed there. Nobody would think anything of it until they announced the game.

Matthew McCabe

Fly to Wisconsin for no reason