Fight the London System with Black Pt 1 - ...d5 Setups (Queens Gambit)

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Mythic Zipper


Blueberry Deer

K have asthma too.. But it's not too bad, i get Bad asthma attacks, the deadly type of asthma attacks.

thay guy with a pair of reasonably sized speakers

Hey in sea of theives there are lots of easter eggs concerning beta testers, fans and the such


Chris can never be considered a serious character again after that playground bit. XD


Tashinga Nyandoro

This is fire.Cant wait for INDIGO

Coca-Cola PEPSI

1:50 that'swhen fortnite gamers never a popubilsh late


2/20 non bonfire Easter eggs

Therealme *

Soooo what you’re ultimately saying is that walls work!! You are ok with building a wall to keep unwanted water out but not ok with building a wall to keep unwanted people out. Make that make sense.

Willy Bonka

I noticed the bigfoot on my third watch of Swiss Army Man, knew it would eventually make it into a video lol

EX Gaming


Shenny Parsley

I wish I was like you really wished I was like you

Mc Lovin

omg!!! Duke nukem is master chief...


0:06 jesus we got into that fast.

Turtle Spice

Your parents love you


5:17 me too brittany...Me too..

Moma Kaylyn

Girl...I know we didnt see much of the doctor visit but damn he isnt very personable.😳😳 Hope it was just a stressful day for him cuz to deal with that guy your whole pregnancy will be, fun....👀 You look absolutely beautiful Shyla! Can not WAIT to see what you guys are having!!💞👏🏻

Ruby Thursday

Je pense juste que c'est drôle qu'ils ont ce narrador cochonne que les spectacles de golf ont toujours

Frank Brown


elijah smith

0_o midgets are EVIL


Loving the more frequent uploads!

Angel Jesús Luna Flores

Like si quieren un REMIX😎

Ricardo Leite

2:19. I’m getting some challenger explosion vibes here.

Glenn Zanotti

I have NEVER had a decent steak at ANY Outback Steakhouse. I've never had a bad steak at any Texas Roadhouse.