12U SAN ANTONIO OUTLAWS vs LONG BEACH PATRIOTS | Myzel Miller | Friday Night Tykes Youth Ballers

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I'mma go back to kkandbabyj

Ivan Topalovic



Did he say the s*** word?


The Duck Lady! Lol


Maybe they don't because he's panda 0.o

Gabrielle Stewart

I had to do a project for school where we had to design a golf course, build it and use hydrolics and create a convinsing presentation that ours was the best. I am totally the PGA rule enforcer 4:44


no because im a lvl 14 and for some reason that quest glitched and i was never able to finish it.

Jordan Head

whows panda

Joe Ford

@OfficialAkramJuma no dude it would be perfect

Oof why u still here

Kerth Diamzon

What is the real face of panda???????????

omar 3m4

Excellent editing

Emily Loves Anime

My parents and I are still fighting, and we will continue fighting

Munmun Chowdhury

This is a story that is so private that you did not tell your mom but you shared it with thousands of people wow ❤️LOVE YOU BY THE WAY

easy feasy life

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i got the thelegend27 ad

Nichole Dlp

If it is hard write a letter. I have not tried yet. But I will tell you if it works

Ty Deppe

Do you guys even live in Colorado?


How on Earth don't you have at least 500,000 subs yet


See Battlefield 1 is sticking with good old world war 1 and titanfall 2 is just a sequel of the first game which was great but needed some tweaks here and there plus we get a giant cloud strife sword with mixed in with raidens electric sword from metal gear revengeance. Call of duty pay 80 bucks to get mw and we will make two different season passes so we can take more money.

The Tea Edits

#Hologram #Hollagram 💙

Jasonz W

Wowwwwwww cool😍😍😍

Brody Yoo

where the hell is Hawkeye

Everything Frisky

So am I the only one that was cracking up on that last clip? 😂😂 Damn. People are so sensitive.

Liam Young

for the betcha i am part of a swim team and I swim 3-4 miles in 2.5 hours

King Pig

its a little scary but i like your vid

Keaton W

Hey Guru, you know Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars not alien :)

little potato

Kids dont date 24 year old creeps those boys in highschool may be dumb but there your age (edit ty for the likes )

yBrendinha G4M3R

Anyone watching in 2019???

So in a way I'm actually glad I had a Facebook account and saw these things because I don't know what could have happened if I trusted them.

Aron Sher



Blame the doctors



Athaya Mahira

Wow i very love frozen when frozen realese so i wonder see this movie because so cool i love you elsa and anna

princesse .p

At least he wasn't abusive