Ilumina Estates Subdivision Davao - Actual Development

Ilumina Estates is a 7.8 hectares mid-cost subdivision at the North and just 5 minutes drive to Davao International Airport, currently being develop by Santos Land Development Corporation. It is gated community with clubhouse, basketball court, and children's playground. Ilumina Estates have similar houses design with their previous quality projects such as Priscilla Estates, Cecilia Heights and La Vista Monte Subdivision. Located at Brgy. Communal, Buhangin District, Davao City, Ilumina Estates is few minutes away from Davao International Airport , D'Leonor Inland Resort,SM Lanang Premiere and Abreeza Mall.For more info and property visit, contact Brokers for the schedule:Alma C. ApolonioLicensed Real Estate BrokerPRC Lic. No. 0007001Mobile: +639 917 773 5178 - Globe | Viber | WhatsAppMobile: +639 939 903 6192 - Smart | VIberTelephone: 082 233 1915 - PLDTRoger M. GeonzonLicensed Real Estate BrokerPRC Lic. No. 0007001Mobile: +639 995 8838 720 - Globe | Viber | WhatsAppMobile: +639 923 5588 725 - SunTelephone: 082 233 1915 - PLDTVisit Us:

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