ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980) HD 0815007

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980). Audio-CD-Sound zu Video-Material aus TV-Show. HQ-Video

E Roc


Pandabear Lovesyou

I have autism and I love this story and the attention to detail was amazing! I can relate. kind of I am in year 7 about to move to 8!

Arjun Singh

Warning they will haunt u...

Wolf boy 117

Could you guys send meh a free ticket code please


You also missed another one in the caustic caverns i think dark souls, then another in the dust, then the bloodshot ramparts(I think)TMNT, Salvador's skills like come at me bro and sexual tyrannosaurus, the fridge's snow white

Cole Harris

lowkey ripped at 2:28


0:27 what the heck is he putting in his cereal

Agus Bahri

I hate north korea

Who the heck raised that woman?


"In a draw"

Martin Tillemann

If you play minecraft or pixel worlds, you don't have to gain another level... These are the games you should play.

Ki a

This is Scruff


lol thats not a sackboy

Vera Vera

What is name music ❤❤

Mandy ShyWater

tries to watch video - gets advert for romance novel-

FurCorn games YT

Every one hated this country

Gacha Forever

3:01 did anyone else notice the face on the right upper corner of her phone

Muskygamer 44

The clickbait disappointed me... I was hoping to see people getting shot by fake arrows😰

16. Just one more game guy

Patrick Chandler


Ryker Harrison

0:57 was the ending of the first ping pong trick shot