CLONE vs C MONEII *CLASSIC* rap battle Hosted by John John Da Don | BULLPEN BATTLE LEAGUE

The long awaited & anticipated battle between Clone & C Moneii from BullPen’s RUNNING OF THE BULLS event. Some say it’s a CLASSIC but you be the judgeWatch, Comment & SubscribePENDEMONIUM TICKETS:PENDEMONIUM.eventbrite.comSubscribe:

erika chiappone

hey guy of dude perfect

Pedro Valadez

You aré asome😎😀😎😀


0:07 the top of the room looks like a face :D

Zach Poitras

Definitely took creative ammo from demolition ranch

Ian Schimnoski

What would mushrooms fried in sugary vanilla frosting on a frying pan taste like?


This Drew fella is pretty good at throwing a football. He should maybe consider turning pro or something.

Joshua Skeete

Really though

Quinn Webster

you should do a basics episode on plating

My brother fell a foot and broke his arm one of the worst ways you can

Gabriel Urdaneta

Damn garret did trash

Normal families: Am I a JoKe To YoU??¿¿

sulaiman Mohamed

that was funny shit

Lord Hexdrix and his wicked world of insanity

Wait... Is it even possible to have multiple top five videos of the same subject? By definition, this Top Five (Part 4) is technically top 20 part 4

That Guy Does Gaming

The nuketown arcade is fake


Aww, no mention of "cleaning the walking eye"? Or the the body of Detective Caruso in one of the hotels on the strip? There's tons of Easter Eggs in Fallout I guess there would be way too many for one video. And rethinking now I think you probably already covered those two...

Scott Lovell




Matrixie Kitty

I saw the trailer and I SCREAMED!!😍 still keeping a lot of the plot secret! I like that!

Kristina Thanhauser

Similar thing happened to me. I am really sorry this happened to you....

sal montes

cory has the same soccer ball as me


He really just didn’t have to do that

Arceus gracías

-*ivy d a n e k o*-


screw up

I’m ugly but I don’t go home and cry about it :/


How dp lives their life

kitty kyla

Purple howser 👏👏👏👏👏

Cory: 🎾

Parker Fishell

The grand canyon


that chopsticle bangs

Stephen Durkin

Woah Im finally watched a video almost straight after it had been uploaded XD

Timothy Owen Shaw

@Dude Perfect

Mian Asad

5:44 the ball spin


Stratosphere OneSoulzz

Team Cody.


Can't wait to see what movies come next. Keep up the great work, dude.


I thought blind people spoke the same language as us.

Gambol Shroud

Im only 11 and i think i either have depression or major anxiety. i cant focus as well as i used to and i cant memorize a lot of things anymore. Im careless and over eating, aswell as gaining more weight. Im not very skinny and i am not self concious....but now i am. Im also feeling self doubt and sadness over my parents divorce mor than i ever had before. please help me....somebody..

Sufia Gulzar

Make an video on carroms please

Arty Nurbs


C Gaming

Go garret

mr chu

Woah woah woah. She rarely uses her phone now, BUT she had time to send her story to these RANDOM people? Has she learn nothing?

Einaras Juscius

Have anyone atleast killed a single bird

Amber Harting

Dress #2 makes him look like a house wife