My Favourite Encounters from Shadow of War.

Singing bards, Screaming Orcs, un-dead gurgles, and unintelligible nonsense. And I loved every second of it.

Madison J

Omg Coby first win and Corys umm idk how much wins

Melissa Howard

any one watching in 2019

Raging Rubie

Are Max’s glasses invisible ??

james byrd

:( had to stop watching because of spoilers

Benedict Cumbersnatched

eee pretty ice shapes and colors What type of fuckin plot are they actually trying to hint at with this trailer

Simply Great Windows, LLC

i didn't like it for cory i liked it for TY

hErE's tHe mOtHeR f*CkInG tEa SiS

That doge ball though 😵

Kai Zheng

When Tyler’s fish got shanked not only it was sad it was also the top fish which is worth 100 points

Jim Jones

Tyler is my favorite one in Dude Perfect

John Ismael

The guitar😭😭😭

magravine manzanilla

Why are all the comments repetitive???

Pradhyuman Singh

You fake it all

Venom Joe

Guru there are tons of counter strike Easter eggs in condition zero and deleted scenes. They are actually wicked cool!

cool user

What year did cod finest hour come out?


8:00 If my high school memories serve me well, the inscription reads "Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη" (Anapausou en eirene), meaning "rest in peace" in Greek.

yellow idiot

I'm sorry but I don't think anyone forgives u. Unless..... u have a jello heart

Mac Felkins


Richard Pickman's Paintbrush

You should do a video on NMRiH. 

FaZe Troop


Be skinny to get friends.


So good to have you back Tati😘🥰Xxx

A Bender

Everybody just shut up with the year watching comments

Dejah Reed

What about jail time

Liam Duggan

The drivin in gta 4 was shit you couldnt turn a fucking corner

Lesley Selfe


j03y Moesa

Thx 4 the music

Friendy Mo'girl

I'm so sorry

Brayden Peck

Wait I thought it was the girl not the boy crap I feel bad for her

Victor Barrera

Molly always interrupt the guests, she gives no fucks 😂😂 @ 4:40

Garrett: that is not breathing

Kyle Talley

i love the Seahawks



The old DPHQ is now an art gallery?🥺

Dan Satlow

snow ball fighting battle would be awesome!

Kaylie Says

We all need a Polly in our lives. Where can I buy one....