Teamfight Tactics - First look at Riot's New Auto-Chess!

I am an alpha tester for Teamfight Tactics.I had previously played it in a trip to Riot HQ along with many other Hearthstone players to get bit of a feel for it as well as give them our feedback!········································­········································­····WATCH HEARTHSTONE!• Constructed: Arena: Highlights: Dungeon runs: Tavern brawl: Tournaments: Deck teachings: Basic teachings: TRUMP!💗 Subscribe: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Edited by: jnZaneHD‣ Contact:


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Do trickshots with Francisco Lindor

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No there actually is an easter egg in HL2 of the old HEV suit charger plate from HL1.

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To:Juanpa i'll just talk about the boy was a filipino which made me a bit proud cuz i'm a filipino as well, haha


You should do a theory on how this movie may prove the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon theory of it being a post apocalyptic human world. That could easily be an alternative timeline to this movie where they failed to stop them.



You're all the proof I need. Heheh, 14* btw.

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1:30 - starting to believe there is such thing as shared disneyverse.

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