Chess Opening for White:The Glek System (an offbeat system after e4-e5)

Luciano Chessa & Terry Berlier: Louganis (2007)-Excerpt I

A short excerpt from Luciano Chessa's Louganis for Piano and TV/VCR combo: Video by Terry Berlier.Piano: Luciano ChessaRecorded Live by Mary Schroeder at San Francisco's Old First Concerts on November 18, 2007Here are the program notes for the piece:"I stretch my body towards the water, I feel the water rushing through my body and then...silence. It's a peace that only divers know."Greg Louganis, Breaking the Surface (1995)Louganis (2007) for piano and TV/VCR combo (video by media sculptor Terry Berlier).Diving is all in the water. It is all in how gently you break its surface.Reacting with inexorable precision to the smallest stimulus, water echoes sounds, motions, emotions, stories. It records the energy of a masterfully executed movement, the divine of diving, the glory of a body in motion.Diving, more than any other sport, presents us with a splendid allegory of a vital cycle.Success and failure: tutto si brucia in una parabola ascendente e discendente.Diving is about the most beautiful thing a human being can do.Interno borghese / tappeto / lamp(ada) /a totemic TV/VCR combo / salotto metafisico "What's in the video? I'll have to ask Terry about this..." But it would have to be late, very late at night.Instructor: Viviana Gabrieusig pennello avanti, pennello avanti raggruppato, pennello indietro, mezzo avvitamento indietro... All your limitations are in front of you, and where is she? Via Nomentana Novecentonove.Luciano Chessa

12U SAN ANTONIO OUTLAWS vs LONG BEACH PATRIOTS | Myzel Miller | Friday Night Tykes Youth Ballers

🚨🚨 Sportz Clipz TV : We bring you the hottest videos and showcase some of the best Pro ball players,High School and Youth Sports around the world.Sports is about Entertainment and we are here to entertain you.| News | Media | Celebs | Sports | Highlights mixed with todays HIP HOP culture #SPORTZCLIPZ Don't believe us just watch 🔥🔥Snoop League National Championship Game in TEXAS.Music by: DeeReeseBeatsSupport The Grind 16 Year Old Producer Email Me: deereese99@gmail.comus on IG: our page on Facebook:

Positional Tactics - Improve your Position with Calculation! GM Sam Shankland [Master Method]

♕ FULL COURSE: 10 GM SECRETS:♕ MORE: | Tactics - Improve your Position with Calculation!Super GM Sam Shankland (member of the gold medal winning USA team at the 2016 Olympiad) thinks that there is one important skill that every good GM has but gets very little attention in the published books or DVDs around: Positional Tactics.Positional Tactics are the tactics every master use to achieve positional goals. As Shankland explains, to find these tactics you only have consider one question: If we have a strategic or tactical aim but our opponent seems to be preventing it, what happens if we play it anyway?In his full-length video course The Shankland Method, Sam goes through 55 exemplary games to embed this powerful question in your mind, making you gain lots of rating points.In this FREE PREVIEW we are presenting you, the Super GM introduces his ideas and shows the fundamental process to think over the board with two simple (but not so simple!) examples.Positional TacticsThe first example, taken from the World Championship Match between Anand and Topalov, can be seen on the right.In this position, Topalov (with the White pieces) start thinking about how to improve the position of the Nc3, which is misplaced. It's obvious that the ideal square would be d6, but how to get to it?!Both b5 and e4 are controlled, and also (but not less important) the Be3 is attacked!But a trained eye (like the one you will get if you study all this course!) can see that the Rc8 undefended and this allows a simple but very strong tactical sequence. With 23.Ne4! Rxc1 24.Nd6+ Kd7 25.Bxc1 White achieve his goal and get an impressive advantage in the endgame, that allowed him to win an important game.If you want to improve your thinking process to find and execute the best (and useful) tactics, you should seriously consider to get The Shankland Method clicking here. A real short cut to mastery!

14-year-old chess and math prodigy enrolls at UCLA

Luke Vellotti, a 14-year-old boy from Boise, Idaho, is among the youngest students to ever attend UCLA. The international chess master, National Advance Placement Scholar and Stamps Family Foundation Scholar is a UCLA freshman who will study math and computer science. He joins his brother, Carl, as part of the UCLA Class of 2017 and is excited about becoming a Bruin. "It's good to be here," he says. "I feel very excited to be at a school as great as UCLA."To see the UCLA Newsroom story:

CHESS Trick/trap for white in Beyer gambit to win game fast

kindly support through small contributionsbhim/upi -7000660306@upiGood chess puzzles and strategy books-amazing chess board instagram @chambaliyaainstagram @chambaliyaa

Primes on the Moon (Lunar Arithmetic) - Numberphile

Featuring Neil Sloane from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS). Lunar Arithmetic (aka Dismal Arithmetic)More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓Neil Sloane is the founder of the OEIS: Primes: Squares: original paper on lunar arithmetic (formerly dismal arithmetic) by David Applegate, Marc LeBrun, and Neil Sloane: Gap: Sequences: is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI): are also supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science. support from Math For America - on Facebook: tweets: by Brady HaranPatreon: T-Shirts: videos subreddit: latest videos across all channels: up for (occasional) emails: expected many people ask "what is the point of this"... And fair enough.Rather than answering everyone individually, here is my view (I am just the film-maker, not a mathematician) - Brady ↓↓↓1. Because it is fun and creative - and playing with new ideas is good for your brain. 2. Because you never know what "bending the rules" will teach you - what techniques, insights and breakthroughs will occur that may have more useful applications... Just look at much of John Conway's work... So much playfulness and so many games - yet many ideas and insightful mathematics has fallen out of that. Lunar arithmetic is never going to be used to build a bridge or design an iPhone (I certainly hope not!!!)... But neither is it just throwing ALL rules out of the window... It is creating a new arbitrary set of rules and seeing what happens... What IS a prime number in this new landscape? What pattern do the squares follow? And what light might that shed on more conventional mathematics? Also... If you are not buying that and think it's just nonsensical playing... I say the following... It may be true that this will not cure cancer or help people live longer - but what is the point of living longer if we can't play, imagine, and do fun stuff like this?And if you think this is just child's play - read the paper:



Who Invented Diet Soda?

Check out my other channel TopTenz! of our favorites: for new videos every day! run out of things to say at the water cooler with TodayIFoundOut! Brand new videos 7 days a week!More from TodayIFoundOut:Who Invented the Slot Machine?this video:In order to make a diet soda (at least one people would popularly drink), a sugar substitute was needed. The first such artificial sweetener, saccharin, was discovered by accident. In the late 19th century, Constantin Fahlberg, after a long day working at the lab of the famed chemist Ira Remsen in Baltimore, Maryland, was at home eating dinner when he picked up a roll and bit into it. The roll was incredibly sweet.Want the text version?:


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Jackie Chan - Drunken Master (1978) OST - 8 Drunken Gods (Main Theme) [3]

Drunken Master (醉拳 Jui kuen) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack[3] 8 Drunken Gods

Eagles vs. Patriots | Super Bowl LII Game Highlights

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Architect’s Micro Studio Apartment

In this video, we tour the incredible 28sqm (301sqft) apartment of architect Douglas Wan. The Melbourne apartment was originally constructed in the 1950's as housing for nurses. It’s now been completely reimagined for modern times and transformed into a clever small studio. Become a Living Big Patron and help us to create more videos: Douglas, this was an opportunity to develop a small living space that would perfectly fit his needs and lifestyle. Attracted to simple living and a self described monastic lifestyle, he wanted to create a place where he could be a part of the city, yet also retreat from it. He ventured to carry out an architectural experiment and find out what was possible in his own small home. Read More: result is a micro apartment which is as clever as it is simple. One which utilises the entire space, while remaining open and light. It’s rustic history is celebrated, yet also contrasted with the modern elements. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful home. Enjoy the full video tour of this very special tiny apartment.To find out more about this apartment and Douglas’ work, visit his website: us on Instagram: us on Facebook:us on Twitter: subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living.Music in this video by Bryce Langston: and Produced by: Bryce LangsytonCamera: Bryce Langston & Rasa PescudEditing: Rasa Pescud'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2019 Zyia Pictures Ltd

Wu-tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin' (lyrics on screen)

All rights belong to Wu-tang clan

Relaxing Indian Flute ॐ Yoga Music

Soothing Music ideal for Relaxation, Yoga & Meditation


Two Out of State Heavyweights Brizz (NC) and Dece (VA) go head to head in an entertaining matchup!!!! Enjoy and subscribe to our YouTube channel!!!12.8.12--#NIGHT OF THE GREAT WHITES@7citiessharks

GoPro: 2014 GoPro Motorplex Little 600 with Joey Logano

Hop onboard with Joey Logano as he picks his way through the star studded field of auto racing's finest at the 2014 GoPro Motoplex Little 600 charity race in Mooresville, North Carolina.For more check out:100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from "Say You Do"

Haciendo la mierda - El Pasamemes

Suscríbete a nuestro canal: tiene una semana para renovar su cuenta de whatsapp.Canal de Haciendo la mierda:

Mikhail Tal Slays The Sicilian Dragon With Several Mighty Sacrifices

Mikhail Tal vs Robert WadePalma de Mallorca (1966), Palma ESP, rd 1, Nov-27 Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation. Yugoslav Attack (B77) 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be3 Bg7 7. f3 Nc6 8. Qd2 O-O 9. Bc4 Bd7 10. h4 Rc8 11. Bb3 Qa5 12. h5 Nxh5 13. g4 Nf6 14. O-O-O Ne5 15.Bh6 Bxh6 16. Rxh6 Rxc3 17. bxc3 Rc8 18. Kb2 b5 19. Rdh1 Nc4+ 20. Bxc4 bxc4 21.Rxh7 Nxh7 22. Qh6 e6 23. f4 e5 24. g5 Be8 25. Ne61-0Video Thumbnail Attribution: By Croes, Rob C. / Anefo [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl (via Wikimedia Commons


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Auto Win Combo For Begginer. Full Spirits Gameplay!! Auto Chess Mobile Indonesia

Link Pembelian Voucher AOV Via UnipinUnipinlupa like, share and subscribe ya..Follow Stream gw diNimo gw 453815#OldManGame #Autochess #AutochesszizouqiSupport terus gaessFollow juga IG gua @mikaelanthony18facebook fanpage gw coyMikael Anthonypembelian merchandise arena of valor, kalian bisa mengunjungiEDITING BY Filmora SANTAI

The Masterclass: How to Train in a Boxing Gym

So you wanna be a boxer? Discover what it takes with a complete rundown of a typical boxing training session, from start to finish.“Boxing is not a passing fad or a new craze,” says Mr Leon Kew of White Collar Boxing. “It’s one of the oldest ways to get incredibly fit and in great shape, and still one of the best.” In this video, Mr Kew takes us through every aspect of boxing training, from the warm up to skipping and, finally, sparring with a partner. The session:1. Speed rope 00:532. Shadow boxing 01:233. Bag work 01:574. Pad work 02:295. Sparring 02:51 Read the full story on The Journal: Take a look at training gear on MR PORTER: Visit our YouTube channel for more style, inspiration and advice: Featured in this video:Reigning Champ fleece-backed cotton jersey hoodie Running Element Sphere half zip top Champ loop back cotton jersey shorts Running Flash dry fit compression tights Running Air Pegasus 43 mesh sneakers Smith Shoes & Accessories tech-canvas duffle bag Connect with MR PORTER:Web:

Terry Marsh vs Dymer Agasaryan


Remember to leave a like and subscribe for more content! Click the bell to be notified as soon as a video goes live!Follow my stuff!Vlog Channel - - - - - - Yassuo@edinfluencers.comCheck out LoLwiz here: by Pinoy and Hero -YouTube - - - CaCartwright95@gmail.comTwitter - - HeroJFL@gmail.comThumbnail by Kaleb -Twitter - -

Evans Gambit: Wilhelm Steinitz vs Ed Pilhal

[C52]Vienna (Austria)18621.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.0--0 Nf6 7.d4 exd4 [7...0--0 8.dxe5] 8.Ba3 [8.e5 d5 9.Bb5 Ne4 10.cxd4 0--0] 8...d6 9.e5 dxe5 10.Qb3 Qd7 11.Re1 Qf5 12.Bb5 [12.Bxf7+ Kd8] 12...Nd7 13.Qd5 Bb6 14.Nxe5 Ne7 15.Nxd7 [15.Qc4; 15.Qb3 dxc3] 15...Qxd5 16.Nf6+ Kd8 [16...Kf8 17.Bxe7#] 17.Bxe7# The-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Yu Yangyi vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: Norway Chess 2019"

Geschwätzblitz mit Jan Gustafsson, 10.02.2017

Großmeister Jan Gustafsson spielt Blitzpartien gegen chess24 User und teilt seine Gedanken.Premium-User werden: fordern: Schaue Liveshows oder abrufbare Videos: Verfolge Topturniere mit unserem einzigartigem Übertragungssystem: Spiele Schach in unserer Playzone: Lerne von Großmeistern in interaktiven Videos und verbessere dein Schach: uns in Verbindung bleiben!► Abonniere unseren Kanal:Like uns auf Facebook: Folge uns auf Twitter: ist eine Schachwebseite für Spieler mit allen Spielstärken. Spiele gegen Freunde, lerne die Geheimnisse von Topgroßmeistern in Videolektionen und schau dir die besten Schachturniere live mit unserem einzigartigen Übertragungssystem an. Wir informieren dich auch über alles was in der Schachwelt so los ist und noch viel, viel mehr. Besuch uns auf !


trying the new bughouse feature on with manneredmonkey during a friday night stream.LIVE ON TWITCH▶ DONATE/SUPPORT ▶ the free trial or connect an Amazon Prime account (SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE)▶ IN TOUCH:▶Twitter: ▶ HYPERX for COMPUTER GEAR CHESS.COM for PLAYING CHESS BLUE for AUDIO use CODE: CHESSBRAH MERCHANDISE:▶ EVERYTHING ON SALEEQUIPMENT:▶ Mouse: Keyboard: Headset: ▶ Microphone: BOOKS:▶Play Winning Chess:Winning Chess Tactics:

Final del Grand Prix de Moscú (Desempates)

Desempates de la Final del Grand Prix de Moscú comentados por el GM Pepe Cuenca.Si te gustan estos vídeos dale al like, déjanos un comentario y suscríbete al canal ¡y dale a la campanita! Así recibirás una notificación cada vez que subamos un vídeo ¡prácticamente todos los días!También te recomendamos registrarte gratuitamente en y seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales. Facebook (Twitter ( Instagram (Pepe :mejores vídeos de enseñanza en tu idioma en chess24. Hazte premium para tener un acceso ilimitado a ellos y muchas ventajas más:

Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson (30)

Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson is back to defend his new shiny 3000 rating against chess24 premium members. .► Become a Premium member to get access to everything chess24 has to offer: Watch live and on-demand shows: Follow top tournaments with our state-of-the-art broadcast system: ► Play chess in our playzone: Improve your chess by learning from grandmasters in interactive videos: stay in touch!► Subscribe to our channel:Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: is a chess website for players of all levels. Play against friends, learn the secrets of top grandmasters in video lessons and watch the best chess tournaments live with our state-of-the-art broadcast system. We'll also keep you informed about everything going on in the chess world and much, much more. Come visit us at !

Chess Openings: Tutorial: Top 10 Outrageously Aggressive Chess Openings for White

👕 Get Kingscrusher T-Shirts!: turn style chess at game tags: Chess openings for white, chess openings tutorial, opening tutorial, opening lesson, chess openings for beginners, chess openings for intermediate, chess openings for advanced, chess opening names, Chess for tigers, Aggressive chess, Dynamic chess, Aggressive Dynamic chess,Aggressive openings, Mega aggressive chess openings, Super aggressive Chess openings, Dynamic aggressive chess openings, King attacking openings, fun aggressive chess openingsAggressive game quality tags: aqggressive, combative, destructive, threatening, assailing, attacking, barbaric, hawkish, invading, offensive, warlike, threatening, critical, hairy, menacing, wicked, formidable, sharp, razor-sharp►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: online chess at or realtime at me at Google+ : 10 Outrageously Aggressive Chess Openings for 1.e4 !Romantic era style - may not be "Slow but sure" as modern openingsUnsound warning - maybe use in Blitz or in longer games as suprise weapons of choice!Against 1.e5 systems1. The Kings GambitThe King of the Romantic era!!2. The Danish Gambit accepted!1. e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. c3 dxc3 4. Bc4 cxb2 5. Bxb2variation move order - "Goring Gambit" : Goring gambit 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. c31. e4 e5 2. d4 ed 3. c3 (Danish)1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 ed 4. c3 (Goring)1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 ed 4. Bc4 (Scotch)1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. d4 (Italian)3. The Fried Liver Attack (in two knights defence) 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf61. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Usually black plays Na5 here in top games - to counter gambit. Nxd5 is very rareNxd5 6. Nxf7!? Kxf7 7. Qf3+ Ke6 8. Nc34. The Evans Gambit - has shown up in the Kasparov Anand world championship match[Event "Riga, Tal's Memorial (4)"][Site "Riga, Tal's Memorial (4)"][Date "1995.??.??"][EventDate "?"][Round "4"][Result "1-0"][White "Garry Kasparov"][Black "Viswanathan Anand"][ECO "C51"][WhiteElo "?"][BlackElo "?"][PlyCount "49"]1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Be7 6.d4 Na5 7.Be2exd4 8.Qxd4 Nf6 9.e5 Nc6 10.Qh4 Nd5 11.Qg3 g6 12.O-O Nb6 13.c4d6 14.Rd1 Nd7 15.Bh6 Ncxe5 16.Nxe5 Nxe5 17.Nc3 f6 18.c5 Nf719.cxd6 cxd6 20.Qe3 Nxh6 21.Qxh6 Bf8 22.Qe3+ Kf7 23.Nd5 Be624.Nf4 Qe7 25.Re1 1-05. The Halloween Gambit! offshoot of the 4 knights game1. e4 e52. Nf3 Nc63. Nc3 Nf64. Nxe5===================================================6. Against the Sicilian Defence - The Smith-Morra GambitSee Kingscrusher blitz videos!7. Against the Caro-Kann defence1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3.f3 The "Fantasy Variation" - see relevant video on channel8. Against the Pirc Defence - the Austrian Attack - as used in Fischer-Benko 21 mover[Event "US Championship 1963/64"][Site "New York City, NY USA"][Date "1963.12.30"][EventDate "1963.??.??"][Round "10"][Result "1-0"][White "Robert James Fischer"][Black "Pal Benko"][ECO "B09"][WhiteElo "?"][BlackElo "?"][PlyCount "41"]1. e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. Nc3 d6 4. f4 Nf6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Bd3 Bg47. h3 Bxf3 8. Qxf3 Nc6 9. Be3 e5 10. dxe5 dxe5 11. f5 gxf512. Qxf5 Nd4 13. Qf2 Ne8 14. O-O Nd6 15. Qg3 Kh8 16. Qg4 c617. Qh5 Qe8 18. Bxd4 exd4 19. Rf6 Kg8 20. e5 h6 21. Ne2 1-09. Against Center-Counter - Blackmar-Diemer Gambit transposition1. e4 d5 2. d4 dxe4 3.Nc31. d4 d5 2. e4 dxe4 3. Nc310. Against the French Defence - Reti Gambit1.e4 e62. b3 (Black has weakened dark squares)See dedicated video on thisThumbnail TigerAggressive chess openings

[SFM] The Last Weekend

Скоростная корометражка про офисного чувака, который решил собрать друзей и бухнуть вместе за городом, пока все остальные превратились в зомби.______________________________________________Short animation about officeman who decided to meet his friend and go for some drink while other people became zombies.

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Official Video)

Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here from The Game, 1980 and Forever, 2014.Queen - 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store:official 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more.See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube.Follow us on Twitter: us a like on Facebook:

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Chess Openings: Petrov Defense

The Petrov Defense is a chess opening that looks to mirror white's first two opening moves in hope for a usually drawish game.Black has to be careful though as it is unsound for him to continue to mirror the moves after white captures black's pawn.In this video we take a look at the three most common lines that you will see in the Petrov

Pretty Chess Club Girl vs. The Great Carlini!

Get cool stuff for supporting Coffee Chess on Patreon! - GEAR IN VIDEO:ZMF Blue Chess Clock (Best Chess Clock IMO); Chess Pieces; Chess Pieces; Chess Board; gear links are Amazon affiliate links.Encourage Carlini to Play More By Buying Him Coffee! - this chess club girl take down Carlini???



Gran Final del Speed Chess Championship 2018 Hikaru Nakamura vs Wesley So

En la Gran Final se enfrentan el favorito Hikaru Nakamura en contra del imparable Wesley So. Match comentado por los GM Paco Vallejo y Daniel ForcénArtículo Relacionado ➨ de Web oficial ➨ Facebook ➨ Twitter ➨ Twitch ➨

i killed an xray hacker in hypixel uhc and he had this...

nice xray thumbnail, 10/10↓pack used below↓►Pack • Thrive by Wisp(in order)• Homage Beats• Outro - I'm in love with you but...►Twitter (follow pls)• (join pls)• killed an xray hacker in hypixel uhc...


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Perfect Duo Synergy Montage - Best Synergy Moments #5 (League of Legends)

👉 Help me reach to 500,000 subscribers: Tutorial how to send Plays : Send your best Play (request: rofl files + recorded): ❤ Add friend me: WELCOME TO MY SOLOMID CHANNEL ღღღ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬➥This is my channel: League of Legends/리그오브레전드 ➥ My Fanpage: Submit video gmail:☛ We are here make video about: Top 5 Best Plays, Funny, Troll game, Montages, Highlight, Best plays of all times, etc.☛ Do you have any big plays or fantastic fails you want to show the community? Send your video to Gmail me or Message Fan Page☛ Please flag negative, spam or hateful comments. We are all here to have some fun, be positive and enjoy ourselves and the games we play!☛If you notice an issue in the title or description or credits for a play / music, please contact Gmail me or my fanpage → we will remove it.🎬 Send me your LOL replays (rofl files + recorded) to: We are here to help and make sure the right play-makers and artists are given the proper credit. []🔷League of Legends Video Clip Sources:➥🎬 Channel----------------➥ [Update]: Update---------------- 📩 Sent by----------------➥ iiEyeblowii➥ Frank Gabriel POrto Cunha🔷Music:【🎶】 Music Game: Aeden & Harley Bird - Find A Way Out 【🎶】 Music Game: Koven x ROY - About Me【🎶】 Music Game: Egzod - Paper Crowns ft. Leo The Kind (Nurko Remix)🔷 SoloMiD Playlist:🔹 Most Popular Champions: Thresh, Lee Sin, Kai'Sa, Lucian, Graves🔹 Most Banned Champions: Akali, Darius, Yasuo, Irelia, Zed⛔ Highest Ban Rates For All Roles ⛔🔸 Top Lane Tier List - Highest Ban Rate:Darius, Irelia, Jax, Urgot, Aatrox, Sylas🔸 Jungle Tier List - Highest Ban Rate:Evelynn, Graves, Camille, Master Yi, Kayn, Sylas🔸 Mid Lane Tier List - Highest Ban Rate:Akali, Yasuo, Zed, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Sylas🔸 Support Tier List - Highest Ban Rate:Morgana, Pyke, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Brand, Sylas🔸 ADC Tier List - Highest Ban Rate:Kai'Sa, Draven, Lucian, Jhin, Miss Fortune▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✖ Don't forget to subscribe my channel. :D ✖♥Thank for watching.♥▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♥♥♥▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬#solomid #solomidmontage #leagueoflegends #lol #league #legends #epicmoments