Killer Mini Chess Traps-1 (London, Orangutan, French)

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This is the first video i ever watched on yt


Do you watch cinema sins because the start of this video was very similar to the way they start theirs.

Le Savage

So um... where can I get a plane like that?

Brayden W

Not saying that I'm mad or to change it but its battlefield 1943

Alessia Luca12

6:31 ummmm.. what is the mother holding.........

Much Loser

Next up, the GOAT edition (Lebron James and Tom Brady)

Rebecca Roberts


Im so blind

Nkululeko nkuli

Get 'em Stone!! keep it going, keep flowing Keep the torch glowing!! All money in the Squad!! FOREVER!! #R.I.P FATTS & NIP

Illya Busigin

And change the name

Trick Shot Universe 965

4:35 panda's real face

Please make a Part-2 of this!

Joe Perez

Fuck those piece of shit Raptor fans that were clapping when KD got hurt.. No wonder I wasn't rooting for them pussy ass fans

Mine King

i believe that far cry and assasins creed have the same developers,correct me if im wrong,if they do have the same devs,of course they would reference another game



Stephanie Santana


Ricardo Espindola

sort of a fitzthistlewits vibe there


1:45 the bar on the top says just truck hub,something like that but it says hub so you know the joke is a porn joke

عبدالله الحربي

وش اسم الشريط

Yanto Irianto

Narator voice:Determination....

Klei Koxha

27:11 and that kids is how tranzit was born

Andre Ali

Good trick shots but I am a little better at you at trick shots so check out my channel




What about the terminal connecting the sub station to the airplane on terminal

Blake Lecklitner

Yo there at that baseball field in my city prosper my brother used to play there

Arcel Glenn Mayrena

These comments gave me cancer. She did something wrong, admitted it, and moved on and became better. Did you guys watch till the end? Yikes at you crucifying someone because she made a mistake and admitted it. Shame

Brayn Roks

who else saw the smile dog picture on the wall when he walked by the door in saints row 4?

Monu Caran

Car 😉😉

Pop Out Again Ft. Lil Baby and Gunna

Tricky T

Here is the best advice...don't be that stupid and don't send nudes

Fresh Tech

Thats Awesome

Peyton Singh

That Simon moment

Sam Boyo



It sounds like she made the right choice going No Contact with her mom. Still having panic attacks about it 7 years later? The abuse this woman put her through was probably horrible.


I was screaming so much when I was watching the live stream. 😂