Benji Lanyado watches chess boxing

Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: the ultimate clash of brains and brawn - a boxing match where the rounds are interspersed with a bout of speedchess. Benji Lanyado meets the players, talks to the sport's founder and finds out if chess boxing is more than a weird joke

XxxSmart NoobxxX

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Mauri QHD

nah fam, if you guys would´ve tried your best, we wouldnt have a problem with dubs

Nuha Ahmed

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2 years of waiting worth it



Kyrie Irving

Andrew Stevens



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Chris D'Couto

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Swedish Gecko

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big skoot

this is wonderful, i love you son

Jerry Smith

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Coleman cookin

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I loved ff7 dont get me wrong. But i was too young to grasp most of it and watched my brother play it. While i read the game guide book while he played but ff8... that's a game i played. Grew my appreciation for the series..

Game Daddy

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Natalia Diaconu

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Grant Wagner

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Kumar Umesh

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The Big Fast

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Yavuz Baskaya

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Reece Pearn

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Kyle Tatem

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Pokemon Masters

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flash flood99

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KingBraveWolf YT

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