Banterthon with GM Jan Gustafsson and Ratatatata (aka Pepe Cuenca)

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Nathan Drake?

Erick Briones

Dang Sam fisher Easter egg really made me feel nostalgic

-bring some guys in halo spartan armour

I remember when my friend went to show something she had bought for there cousins weeding her dad said

kernil studieos

2 yrs later marbles is dead and now you have an over abondince of clothes, what? marbles is still alive?! HOW?!?!

Eray Kaleci

17:05 thats cringe right there

Chris Boe

these guys are like jackass for basketball. They should get a cable show

Tosia Falana

Yeah right we hate going to school but I think that if someone said that we can't go to school beacouse we are boy or girl we could do everything to go to school

ramreddy vadiyala

Me: laughs in pc

Cowgirl Christian

Omg actually this happened to me too. But it was 6 weeks. I was 12 actually cause I have pcos

Ŝä ñä

I thought this was detroit 2

Sushi and Blue Pillow Epic and Awesome Gaming

love it I subscribed love the birds ;) love animation

Romuel Tabud

Tyler and purplehoser

*yeaoOUCH #legcramp

The Unsmart Asian

My two favorite operators

Random Citizen: YOU’RE BREATHTAKING!!!

Ridha Shammari


Mukesh Sheoran


Ivan Stayner

Is it even possible to make a 500 yard arrow shot. What am I talking about. It dude perfect, they can make anything happen.

AngelisRandom YT

Damn I knew it from the beginning. His hair and his body

Lil CurryBoy

Honestly this is bad compared to the other videos

mamun usa

The stair stepper is the best

Ooo Awww

I think it's connected to BRAVE beacuse of the stones and the flying fire LOL

Andrey Angere