Things i noticed about nome 9


I like it :) thumbs up!

Ali Abdulghani

umm Muslims cannot have a bf i am a muslim mtw

Emma Johnson

Here in eastern Kentucky the only thing we have is Texas Roadhouse so that’s on top for me 🙃


And then it starts shaking like a 12 year old that's had to much red bull

• Windmillie •

I really do need attention. Immediately after someone stops talking to Me, I worry that they hate me to I just have to do something. I'm afraid of being alone.


Haha I love jacksepticeye

Raphael Pulgar

"You're the best looking guy here"

Priscilla Nekwa

The only thing I find strange there is.....

vi l

Just cuz he's cleared an might play he still isnt 100 percent idk why ppl talkin all this bs bout Kawhi if kd was 100 A1 warriors wouldn't won facts if they win cool but we🌍 all know why foh take ya ring be happy an yall know next yr Raptors ain't goin to win a ring just chill an hate an still be broke all ot them still rich win or lose kapp ass shit warriors alday how an a warriors fan be mad when the team ain't all together klay Igo, or kd 100 percent facts

Give him good life and ending,

the gamer khan

wow why did u divorce

Fire Leaf

Dude I really need to see more of these

Joel _man

2:26 LooooooL

Christine Grande


Sajitha Jayachandran


E Sison

Dude perfect you guys are my favorite to watch

Ep legend Fam

i could’ve bought a ticket for the charity event but it was $280 for 2 tickets 😞 i have 6 family members

David Macias

I just notice that ladder is the size of Guillermo. Lmao that had me dead 💀

Hai Hai Kazuma desu gonna steal your pantsu

more please! 😄

David Rose

0:45 no way

Ranger Red

It makes me so happy to know that people like this exist in this crazy world🙌😂😹😹😹😹😹

Mindful Fish

Tyler is the best and the tall maroon guy sucks

Petros Kyragiannis


Morgan McPherson

Moon Sugar!!!

Zé Higídio

Wow, amazing job with this video!


I don't smoke but I'm jst watching this vid to convince me even more that i shouldn't smoke

Rebecca Price

I'm definitely the anxious type

Landon Mashburn

A chicken biscit

Slixky Uh

What is the emote at the end

Cloe Winans

I knew it was checkers

justin justin

@onfswql yeah yeah we all know that! btw! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while ->