Opening Chess Trap: A very naughty trap against the unsuspecting Caro-Kann player!

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Thank You Guru

I don't think so that I am only the one....U too. Isn't it ?👍

Miles McGaffin

They sprayed em good at 0:12


Summer 19 Anthem !!!!

Helix Vfx

Wait I don’t get that last part with the bottles!? I feel like I’m the only one...

coleman pruitt

thats how us aggies do

Danielle Dan

Okay... fuck jenna. I won't deal people who just likes to force me to go out, even for a concert of my favorite band... too much.

Guywhoanimates YT

I was born on nov 1st... damn so close


When I scoll up and down a bit on my phone, the person on the left shirt is flickering.

Sorrow In A Can

How many games, consoles and movies do you own?

U know the result? My grades improved and I didn't realize that I actually shed a lot of weight, well nowadays I am gaining weight since I started my normal diet: eating between meals and eating late night snacks

Forgetful Potato


toasted chilly

Perfect for this generation...I look away for a second all I see is triggered spamming across my screen.


Rage Monsters is best

2. Quickly type awesome.


11 minutes ago




credit river


I dont know. Maybe he had a smug look on his face because he just stopped you from ruining the wedding? Which you then did anyways?

Nice video!

call of duty fan 123

At 3:25 it sounds like a machine gun


this video is retarded.

lizi motnikar

This are your angels you cen bi ther frend or the bigest fer is your decition 💙

Colton Reichart

What a coincidence he's playing for the Texans currently

Emilio Montes

Amazing video Guru keep up with the great job


what hes saying is the gameplay footage from the trailer might actually be edited to make it look more vibrant. thats why you should just make this in september when people have a chance to use the actual product.

...... SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING..... if you add it I will actually play the game

Sugar Heart

That Ditto was a Superditto, but oddly it couldn't get the faces right.

crazy comatater

Just restarts the copotison

Kaska H.

2.09 the ball almost came back and hit her

Silver Spotted Hyena

Such a brave girl

Josh Hoag

i subscribed and like the vidoe and hit that bell


Like for real life trick shots 4


You should do a lego building challang


in borderlands 2 you get a sniper that shoots minecraft arrows..

Peyton Kroells

Tyler Panda should be in more Battles


is it kid guru or guru kid?

one like if u think that too


A giant rat runs along the road at 0:26, only if you shoot the right dot on the poster.

Laurel Brown

If you think smoking makes you “look cool”... OHHHHH BOY.

The Rocket Tester

There is a taller tower in the background

so? fi. yuh!


Noah Carlson

Team coby for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Mcgraw

Aaaaahhhh your pants are to small

Vincent Alhambra

I thought this was Striking Vipers of Black Mirror.

kevin Ramirez


Burning Brady

U should make a ice hockey stereotypes


Yup my friend is in a long distance relationship and it works so fucking well and she is only 16.

Nikola Angelov

Tears are roling on my face


journey is great game

Vincent B.

Hello Michael !!!!!

Beatrice Mambali

yo i hear my name in this video going hey Beatrice and i looked around but it was the videos 1:43